I f    O n l y


If I could hold your hand for a moment

And feel the warmth of your palm

If you would smile at me from a distance

My soul would feel so calm

If you would say hello in passing

A gesture would be fine

My heart would be so content 

If you would just be mine

1988 HeartWinner Series 


Thanksgiving Prayer


Omnipotent but still content

To hear me vent in ignorance

Accepting me with all my flaws

When I treat you like you're Santa Claus

Presenting my list with all my needs

With all my wants with all my greed

With all my excuses and all my can'ts 

When all you deserve from me is thanks

2015 SoulWinner Series 

I    W o n d e r


Sometimes I wonder just what I did

I sit and ponder on what I said

Sometimes it scares me to wonder if

I'd chose to do something else instead

Sometimes I wonder was it up to me

And if not, then who

But then I realize all that matter now

Is that I have you

1988 HeartKeeper Series 

No  Voice


When the dot com boom turned to dot com doom
I felt that big bang
Gloom and doom in a one bedroom
With a pocket full of change

So I turned to the creator
truth be told I had no choice
Cause I had no job a car and rent
and a phone bill but no voice

I had all day to sit and think of things that might go wrong
Woulda coulda shoulda never sang a hopeful song
But you never let a bill get missed and thank God I never sinned
By blaming you for all my woes stayed trusting 'til the end

Thank you for the food the friends the faith the frame of mind
Thank you for the internet; no unemployment lines
Thank you for that frugal man who lived beneath his means
Who never told me what to do but showed me through his deeds


2015 SoulWinner Series 

Baby Steps


Like a $20 bill found upon the curb
You continue giving me the things I don't deserve
Continually I fall like a baby trying to walk
You remind me that I fell forward landing closer to the mark
I thank you for forgiveness and I thank you for the blood
That cleanses stains and pain and claims the sins of those you love
I thank you for being more merciful than I would ever be
So most of all I'm glad that you are you...and not like me

2015 SoulWinner Series 



It takes two to make a thing go right
God it takes you to make a thing go right
So I'm glad I had a mom a dad
That turned to you when the things got tight

Although the night recited gunshot pops
And choppers roamed the skies
And the streets were filled with drugs and gangs
Black tears and sightless eyes

I thank you that I could choose to watch
And not participate
Some friends shot hoops some friends got shot
Sometimes I needed faith

I thank you for the shield
That kept me safe from all assaults
For eyes to see and ears to hear
Your voice when you would talk


2015 SoulWinner Series 

Six Fifty Five


I thank you for the trials you used to mold this piece of clay
I thank you for the seasons that you chose to bring my way
I thank for experiences that made me unique
I thank you for the promises you make and that you keep
I thank you for the plans of which I may not be aware
I trust that all I've gone through will insure that I'm prepared

2015 SoulWinner Series 

Why Worry


The laundromat couldn't remove the stain so I have to buy a shirt
My maid was late and I had to wait this new maid just might not work
These types of things might keep me up and worry me all day
I'm thankful because I realize these are dreams that others pray

2015 SoulWinner Series 



Gradually drawing nearer
Gradually drawing closer
Is it the wind that moves the clouds or is it The Lord
Is it chance when and where the rain falls?

When dark clouds cover the sky
When the sunlight cannot be found
When it seems imminent that the heavens will rain down tears
Have we performed the ancient dance that brings the rain upon ourselves?

In the winter the dark clouds come frequently
In the summertime, the clouds remains hidden behind a sheet of blue
When the days are long and the sun shines brilliantly in the sky
We are drawn out of the house to play and to laugh in the sunshine

It is not until the clouds return that we remember that there is work to be done
The rain reminds us that there are holes in our roofs
How quickly we forget when the rain passes
The clouds will disperse when season has passed


2015 SoulWinner Series 



Nevermore nevermore 

Never could it be less

One more door to explore 

One more coffin to bless

No more time, no more sin

No more light of the day

No more air to breathe in

Not a one word to say

No more friends, no more friend

The beginning, the end

No emotion, strong emotion

What a change it has been

Once a hole, now a home

For the weary to rest

Where a free soul can roam

With a soul free of stress

East and West have no meaning

Up and down have no bound

Time to test the religion

 We'd claimed to have found

No more prayers to be answered

No more teared eyes to dry

No more pondering the meaning

No more questioning why

A motionless lip

A motionless hand

Many more left to wonder

One more understands

1989 SoulSearcher Series

Works in Progress


There's an ant floating in my glass

Ironically it was half full



I can read your mind

Or so you tell your friends

Cause I know what you desire

And I can always make you grin

The Zone

Beautiful faces that have no names

Beautiful bodies that have no flaws

Beautiful people that have no shame

In these beautiful places that have no laws


Soft Words
© 1988-2017  Michael Leadon
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