Rap Quotes


Every warrior has an ax to bury
But he has to learn to discern between enemy and adversary
I'm convinced now that more than the truth is at stake
When people create language that pretends to communicate
Euphemisms are misunderstood as mistakes
But it's a by-product of the ghetto music we make
From an extroverted point of view I think it's too late
Hip-hop has never been the same since '88
Since it became a lucrative profession
There's a misconception
That a movement in any direction is progression

--Poet Laureate II


I'm slicker than worm sperm


Wise was awoken
They say you deserved it whenever you die with your eyes open
--New York New York

My dimes make n----s go to sleep so they call them bedrocks
N----s is like photographers all they take is head shots
Your last words will be, d--n, what's all them red dots
You a leader when you can get a leader to follow you

Trust me, this go 'round I will not have it
Puttin n-gg-- heads to bed like Craftmatic
--Air It Out

Through the bullsh-- I'm penetratin'
It ain't nothin' personal y'all, I'm just ventilatin'
--I'm Goin' Back


What I do is unheard of
With these women I'm OJ; I get away with murder

I'm not a hot boy; I'm a hot man
Who'll eat your a-- and make you say godd---
Oohh girl I love this
If you think you got that undefeated Tyson p---, girl I'm Buster Douglas
--I Wonder

You know the night was good when you wake up in the mornin' with the cloudy piss
You know how I do, gimme the Vodka skip the Crys
I'm at the bar feelin' like 50 takin' 'bout 9 shots
I got like 9 broads taken 'em with me why stop
--Get On The Floor

I'm like Ray Charles dog, I don't see none of yall
I'm blind to the fact that half of y'all rap and I'm outrunnin' y'all
--Damnit Man

Dirty money brings dirty things
--Melting Pot

'Hustlin's like AIDs
The only difference is
Instead of affecting your immune system
You become immune to the system
--Hustler's Withdrawal


It ain't like I ain't tried to tell 'ya
Misery loves company keepint the wrong company brings failure
Cause people use people like parafanalia
With a scam with a scheme with a dream to sell 'ya
--Judgement Day

It ain't the long fall from the top that got 'em
It was the sharp sudden stop at the bottom
--Criminal Set

Lil Kim

That's why I had to cut the grass, so I could see the snakes
--This Is Who I Am


I'm like a runaway slave
I'm off the chain
--Tilt Ya Head Back

Chino XL

So test me, battle and you will become a dead man
And there's a lot of fake Chino's like Craig Mack's a fake Redman
But I'm above the surface of this rap circus
Writin more incredible verses on accident than you can on purpose
You a worthless waste of flesh, like fat asses on a nun
I'm God's bastard son, that blasts and thinks bloodbaths are fun
I hate you wit a passion, make white chicks faint like I'm Hanson
Historically know for bringin down the house like I'm Sampson
My damn tongue bursts, in the the first verse it's a bad curse that hurts
I'm leavin wack church passengers inside of a fast hearse
Escapin the wrath of Jerse
It's a sad earth when my pen squirts
Axe murderer type of massacres occurs if we match words
I'm past blurs, I smack herbs
Gritty-green eyes like Badu
Leavin minds f---ed up like Maxwell's hair-do
And I'ma be the sickest till I'm dead
The type to rent Halloween 4 eight times just to laugh at LL's head
My new album is Flo-Jo's heart, watch it blow up
You ain't just wack, you're what wack wants to be when it grows up

--3 To The Dome

Now you gonna listen or do I have to remind you
I'll punch a hole in your chest and give a pound to the man behind you

I died a thousand deaths to possess skills such as this
With delivery like where Arabs live -- "in tents" (intense)
Sliding in events, riding inside of limos with tints
Been rhyming since timberland trees was seeds
(Since) Burger King was prince
Better punt for defense, click clack with all you rats
I shoot blindly like I'm Ray Charles with loaded gats
The fact is, I'm one of those half black kids
Like Jesus
In the army, but I earn my stripes like zebras
Without the HIV, I'm positive you don't want to test
I leave rappers confused like homeless cats on house arrest
Ascending from the sky like Gabriel the arc angel
With weight of the world on shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles
You liers I'm tired of these fake drug dealer tales
The only time you see grams (Grahams) is when you drink those ginger ales
--Wake Up Show Freestyle; Vol 7

Got a blowjob from paula jones, and stuffed it so far in her mouth
My balls broke both of her collarbones
Told Mya this shit was all about me-ah
Gave Alyssa Milano syphillis, mono and gonorrhea
And all three of my main girls said see-ya
Cause Brandy and Monica walked in and caught me f---in Aaliyah
I splish splash while I'm takin a bath
Grab a handful of pills, break em in half, take em and laugh
White trash -- f---in your wife in the a--
While you're out siphoning gas for your lawnmower to cut the grass
You just triggered the prick who just mixed liquor
Who's itchin to leave you disfigured and stiffer than Chris-topher
Reeves, I was teething with strep throat
While your mother was breastfeeding
And gave her the flesh-eating disease
I'm iller than takin a hammer and beatin your knees
And walkin through south central LA., bleedin in jeans
(am I a blood or a crip? ) wakin up the next day in breathin machines
Flashin back to being shot and repeatin the scenes
On how you just got smoked,

and if you do live, you'll be too scared to tell it, like a Biggie and Pac joke
--Make You Mad
Cannibal Ox

...You want to battle
Either you like reincarnation, or the smell of carnatioons
--Rasberry Fields


I wish God never gave them men power
To be able to hurt them people inside the twin towers

--Hip Hop Quotables

Kanye West

She got a light skinned friend (who) look like Michael Jackson
Got a dark skinned friend (who) look like Michael Jackson

--Slow Jam

I'm just tryin' to say the way school need teachers
The way Kathy Lee needed Regis

That's the way I need Jesus
--Jesus Walks

You tryin' to stab one like Jack the Ripper[mass murderer]
I'm tryin' to stab two like Jack the Tripper[lived with 2 girls in the sitcom "Three's Company"]

--My Baby (Janet Jackson)

Big Daddy Kane
Uh-huh, you in the perils of the lyrical heroes
That rule just like the pharoahes
We're clockin' dinero got it covered just like sombreros
Seek shelter, here comes the warpath
Anyone who's tryin to reign, I'll change the whole forecast
If I slip, have you heard that he learned
This murder he earned ?in turn? ? turned his body to third-degree burns
You're purely pathetic, I won't let it
And once I set it, the after-party's in the paramedics
Vultures, come back when you're older
Talkin like you're grown, you cats is small soldiers
Enough of them as the god muscle in, it's puzzlin
You couldn't carry weight if you was hustlin
Style ain't even de-cent, them not gonna squeeze none
Please dun, give me one rea-son
What I, say in a verse will be slayin you worse
As I wet em up just for the sake of obeying my thirst
Anytime anywhere, without any fare
I'll do it with any hair, what da deal, any dare
What I do will be excrucially brutally
Usually legal and rippin stupidly, ain't nuttin new to me
What I spit attract felons, crack melons
Leave the chickenheads back swellin
Game tight wit the way I'm livin
I bag birds and I stuff em like Thanksgiving
My bad self, get more love than tennis
From New York to Venice
Black as a Guiness here to represent to live wit the menace
To win the apprentice, if your heart shows stealth
You better watch yo' self before I stop yo' health
Cuz then the props here baby, you ain't gettin
You better recognize, the true and livin
You played yourself fast, put two quarters in your ass
What I meant? Arcades done went up to fifty cent

3 To The Dome
Kool G Rap
The Godfather saga, hit you dead in the chest like shots of Vodka
Funerals crowded like soccer while I'm watchin opera
Last like Sinatra, blast like Binaca
Binoculars is how I'm watchin droppin from the chopper
Mafia imposter
You're left for dead wit your face inside of your plate of pasta
For bein a h, salute to my crew to prosper (salute)
You know how we do, we icepick the boulder
You get dabbed over glasses of ice wit the Bolla
Blood on your shoulder, make costra nostra
Keepin the heater wit the toasters
Dough in the sofa, cashmeres and gator loafers
We bullet-proof the Rovers, pimp-smack you sober
Our whole crew is ?skippin? lieutenants and soldiers
Flip on you the way Montana did to Minola
Commission voters holdin on blowers older than Yoda
Leave bad odors when we give cobras crystal like Yoga
Colder than the caps that's in the Polar, bubble like soda
Bendin' these old Lola Felonas over
Cross me, cut our your momma's ovaries
Kid you know the steez, have your wake smellin like potpourri
3 To The Dome
Lil Wayne

And advance a little due to the pine
My n-gg-- call me little Russell Crowe for my beautiful mind
And I let you do the time I do the crime
When the crowd call my name I bring my crew to the line
--Ain't That a B----

Watch your grill is what you oughtta do
Before your ribs get barbecued
-- The Carter

I'm like a pool table I keep the 8
My side pocket's sideways
When I pop it I leave a ni--- sideways for five days
--Ain't That a B----

Ghostface Killah

Jesus Christ
Brothers around here stick together like cheap rice
----Kunta Fly Sh--


One of Mini-Me's shoes got more soul than you
--Hip Hop Quotables


I don't know you
But I know a man becomes a man from all the sh-- he goes through
--Times Up

Method Man

And ladies love to play like Ladies Love Cool J (LL Cool J)
For the right dream they'll do anything you say
She ice cream; I'm caked up with icing
Mr. Sandman come to bring 'em a pipe dream
--Say What

I get tips from Big and Pac when they blastin' the heat
If you's a rapper don't ever ride the passenger seat
I tell it like it T - I is
Ain't no kids eatin' till I feed my kids

--Act Right

It takes a germ to kill a germ
--The Show

Don't tempt me, I'm nothin' like a curious child
I'm simply, a boy in the hood with some furious styles
--What's Happenin
("Furious" Styles was the father in boys in the hood; word play: mad styles)

Mario Winans

Girl what the hell is on your mind
I could be dumb, but I'm not blind
--I Need A Girl (part II)

Malicious (from The Clipse)

And I didn't play fair, kept my eye on the enemy
Huggin the block, just me and my "mini-me"

Dre (from Das EFX)

Dre was a wild and a crazy youth
I didn't get no money for my baby tooth
I didn't like doin' sh-- was a lazy youth
But I had more nuts than a Baby Ruth
--B.S.A.P. (Bullsh-- and Party)

Pusha T(from The Clipse)

What I look like spendin' my nights in jail
I could never be a thug they don't dress this well


Ain't sh-- changed still no pot to piss in
But now I gotta piss and the pot is missin'

Tech N9ne

It hurts my n-gg-, to hurt my n-gg-
But hurt my n-gg-'s what inspired this verse my n-gg-
 --Yada, Yada, Yada


Took a picture of the truth and tried to develop it
Had proof, (but) it was only recognized by the intelligent
So constantly I seek it
Wondered why I gotta drink a 6 pak to speak it
  --The Truth (from Pharoe Monch's CD)

Boots (from The Coup)

And everyday I pulls a front so nobody pulls my card
I got a mirror in my pocket and I practice lookin hard
Well since the days when I was sh-----  in diapers
It was evident the President didn't like us
Assassination attempts I'd root for the snipers
My teacher told me that I didn't know what right was
Well she was wrong cause I knew what a right was
And a left and an uppercut, too
I had a hunch a sucker punch is what my people got
That's why I was constantly red, black, and blue
  -- Not Yet Free

Mos Def
I seen her on the ave, spotted her more than once
A$$ so fat that you could see it from the front
  --Ms. Fat Booty
Kid Chill

I told a brother we would "overcome"
He thought I meant too much sex
He didn't know where I was coming from
He didn't know where I was runnin' next
  --We Shall Overcome

Kid Rock

I don't like small cars or real big women
But somehow I always find myself in 'em
  --Welcome 2 the Party 


Like most men I'd love to catch up with a model
But I ain't used to movin' slow like Ketchup in a bottle
The best things come to those who wait for it
But I'ma be straigt forward before it's too late for it
-- Dip It Low (w/ Christina)

It's funny how a few bucks can
Get you put under a white sheet like you in the Klu Kulx Klan
  -- Now Ride

Baby girl
You know my situation
And sometimes I know you get impatient
But you don't put on a show to get ovations
Take it to court and go through litagations
  -- Can't Let U Go

These b@#$%$# they done got real bad
Cause now I pull out, Leavin'em lookin' like models for a got milk ad
I head to Cali, Take more blows to the head than Ali
In New York, It ain't got no pipe instructions
They just suck c%$ outta you like liposuction
  --Get Smart

They like "Damn, Shortie could get it", And I may be crazy
But I see some ladies tonite that should be drinkin my babies (baby)
  --Get Right

Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5)

Soon as we're rid of societies small terrors
The sooner these teenagers don't have to be pallbearers
  --Cumbia De Los Muertos

I'm everlastin' never will my head expand
This publisher is clearing house like I'm Ed McMahan

I'll get you open like a bullet wound, test the repotuoire
And I'll connect a right cross to your upper jaw
I'm on my toes so all my foes beware
Cause 2na Fish will tackle flows like I'm Rosie Greer
  --Wake Up Show

50 Cent

We're only human girl we make mistakes, 
To make it up I do whatever it takes
I love you like a fat kid love cake
  -- 21 Questions

Don't make me show up in ya crib like bru-man
  --Poor Lil Rich
(Brotherman was the character on the Martin show who always came in the window instead of using the door)


I bust more 44s than Dolly Parton

Notorious BIG

Ladies, my Mercedes,
Holds four in the back, two if you're fat.
 --Nasty Boy


It's better to be thought dumb and remain silent
Then to open your mouth and remove all doubt because it became violent
 --It's On

I do what I believe in, even
If what I believe in, keeps me from breathin'


A wise man told me don't argue with fools
Because people from a distance people can't tell who is who

Said she loved my necklace, started relaxin
Now that's what the f--- I call a chain reaction
  --Money Ain't a Thing

Sex, murder, and mayhem, romance for the streets
Only wife of mine is a life of crime
And since life's a b---- with mini-skirts and big chest
How can I not flirt with death
That's life for n@#!$s, long as life within us
We gonnna sin a lot and hope that Christ forgive us
  --Money, Cash, H@#s

Us the villians, 
Fuck your feelin's
While yaw player hate we in the upward millions
What's the dealin's
It's like New York's been soft 
Ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings 
  --Money, Cash, H@#s

This is a reference to the period when Snoop took over the rap scene and New York wasn't really puttin' out any thing good (until Biggy came out).  Snoop came out with a video "New York, New York" where he was a giant walking through Manhatten, like Godzilla.  Snoop was basically saying if New York wouldn't put out anything good, he'd do it for 'em.  Biggy, in his 10 million selling second CD, said that he sat around tryin' to figure out how to sell records like Snoop.

Ice Cube

Now adays crazy a$$ b------ want they bills paid
And can't even make a good thing of Kool Aid

MC's that wanna resist they're gonna 
 Be dissed if they don't get from in fronta 
 All they can go get is me a glass of Moet 
 A hard time, sip your juice and watch a smooth poet 
 I take 7 MC's put em in a line 
 And add 7 more brothas who think they can rhyme 
 Well, it'll take 7 more before I go for mine 
 Now that's 21 MC's ate up at the same time 
 The melody that I'm stylin, smooth as a violin 
 Rough enough to break New York from Long Island 
 My wisdom is swift, no matter if 
 My momentum is slow, MC's still stand stiff 
-- My Melody ('87)

It's been a long time  I shouldn't have left you 
Without a strong rhyme to step to 
Think of how many weak shows you slept through 
Time's up  I'm sorry I kept you 
This is how it should be done 
This style is identical to none 
Some try to make it sound like this but you're getting me 
So upset that I'm wet 'cause you're sweating me 
  -- I Know You Got Soul ('87)


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